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I thought H2 as an energy source is classified in just two colors – Blue and Green.

But I came across an interesting article from Petrofac about ???? different colors H2!

The color code is related to the method for H2 production.

???? ????????: Splitting Natural Gas (mostly methane) into H2 and CO2. The process is Steam Methane Reforming (SMR). CO2 is a by-product but captured through CCS.

???? ????????: This one probably has no future, at least no one wants to talk about it. H2 is produced by SMR (like blue hydrogen), but CO2 is not captured. If I am right, most of the current refineries produce grey H2.

????? ????????: Splitting water into H2 and O2. The process is electrolysis. The Source of electricity is a combination of renewables like solar and wind.

?????? ????????: Similar to Green H2 but the electricity source is only solar (not a combination of other renewables).

???? ????????: Again, similar to Green H2 but using nuclear energy for electrolysis.

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What is the net reduction in carbon footprint compared to NG as fuel?

Blue H2 still needs Natural Gas, steam, high temp reactions in addition to the facility of CCS and H2 storage. How does the economics compare?

For Green, Yellow and Pink H2, what is the quality and quantity of water required for electrolysis? For a country like India which is already facing water scarcity, what will be the source of water?

Is electrolysis scalable to large capacities?

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Petrofac’s article: https://www.petrofac.com/media/stories-and-opinion/the-difference-between-green-hydrogen-and-blue-hydrogen/

Paul Martin’s article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/distilled-thoughts-hydrogen-paul-martin

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