NELP and HELP: India’s Oil and Natural Gas Exploration Policy

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NELP was introduced in 1997 by the Government of India with the aim of encouraging exploration and production (E&P) activities in the country’s hydrocarbon sector.

NELP replaced the earlier system of awarding oil and gas exploration rights under the government’s administrative processes with a more transparent and competitive bidding process.

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HELP was introduced in 2016 as a comprehensive framework to replace the NELP regime. HELP aimed to simplify and streamline the licensing process, boost exploration activities, attract investment, and enhance domestic production of hydrocarbons.

Do you also know about OALP?

The Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP) is a component of the HELP.

OALP is designed to enhance exploration and production activities in the country’s hydrocarbon sector by allowing companies to select exploration blocks of their choice throughout the year, rather than waiting for specific bid rounds.

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